Shaolin fighting techniques

As a complement and integral part of the Wugong program, in our school we study, depending on the interest and predisposition of the practitioners, some complementary disciplines regarding combat.

Shuai Jiao (摔跤 or 摔角) is the ancient art of Chinese wrestling, closely related to Mongolian wrestling and the ancestor of Judo, combining holds and strikes with throws and falls.

 QinNa (擒拿) is the art of grabbing or holding, it is mainly the in-depth study of the mechanics of the body with the aim of applying joint locks (拿骨 Nagu) or grips on the muscles and tendons (拿筋 Najin). Sanshou (散手) is the study of traditional  bare hand fighting techniques and includes pair application and sparring exercises.


Sanda (散打), also known as Chinese Kick Boxing, is the official sporting version of Kung Fu combat. It combines punch and kick techniques with grappling and throws to the ground. Bag exercises, with strikers and in pairs are the basis that then leads to actual sparring.

For those who wish there is also the possibility of competing! Only some decide to participate in fighting competitions, remembering that for us the competition is only a means to get involved and overcome our fears, not the aim of our practice.