"Millennial Traditions for Modern Times"

Our School

Founded in 2017 in Lugano by Cosimo Wolf Arnese, under the aegis of Master Shi Xing Mi, with the aim of bringing Martial Arts, Traditions and Shaolin Culture to Switzerland. To date, our School boasts numerous branches in both Italian and French Switzerland and is the only one in Ticino and French-speaking Switzerland officially recognized by the Shaolin Temple in China and by the Shaolin Europe Association (SEA).

"Discover the authentic Kung Fu of the Warrior Monks of the Shaolin Temple"

Our courses

In our schools you will find a large variety of group courses and workshops in Kung Fu Shaolin, Sanda, QiGong, Chan Meditation and much more, suitable for different age groups and physical preparation levels. We also offer the opportunity to deepen your practice in personalized private training sessions.

Schools and timetables

Come and visit us at one of our numerous schools located in Ticino and French-speaking Switzerland for a free trial class!

Teachers and instructors

Here/with us (<- Cosimo scegli quello che ti piace di piu) you will find qualified professionals with several years of experience in their respective fields of expertise.

The Shaolin Temple

The famous Shaolin Monastery, home of the Warrior Monks, has been the scene of countless legends in its more than 1500 years of history.